The current model is broken. We keep creating products that no one really needs that produce waste that nobody wants. Furthermore, we need to start concentrating on the conditions that people live in and what goods and services meet those conditions

The goal of this initiaitve is to create a framework describing what frugal innovation, what conditions require frugal innovation, what tools and techniques are used to create positive outcomes, and the outcomes that frugal innovation has produced


The Frugal Innovation Framework is available under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

Available formats

The Frugal Innovation Framework is available in three different formats:

Portable Document Format (.pdf) – best for viewing, sharing, presenting as-is, and printing LibreOffice Impress (.odp) – best for editing and remixing into your own presentation Markdown (.md) – best for tracking and submitting proposed changes, translations, etc. Feedback

If you’d like to submit an idea, please use the markdown version (.md) for easy change tracking.

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