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Frugal Academy


At, our vision lies in creating a movement tied to overcoming scarcity in a prudent manner and eliminating the waste tied to
our misconstrued right of overabundance.

The Frugal Academy is the vehicle we use to reach this goal

What’s the Academy all about?

It’s all about new ways of learning and doing. Face it. The old models are broken, and we need to toss them overboard and create something worthwhile.
Instead of us all individually struggling against wicked problems like product in-trash out, unfair resource distribution, discarded produce, climate change
and the like, we believe it works better when we improve on these things together. This requires us to establish cross-cultural and cross-functional
groups so that we can improve our perspective….and our understanding

How do we do this?

The Frugal Academy holds workshops, conducts projects and oversees research, where all members are empowered to contribute and decide.

Sound like something for you?

Your assistance is appreciated. There’s plenty to do, any cooperation is wecome

How do you get started?

Just write to us here