MOOC Co-Creation Workflow

We were asked to put together a Massive Open Online Course that would be based on business-related components for emerging markets.

Frugal Conditions

• Needed to ensure that the material was appropriate for the markets in question.
• English would be the second language for the students participating
• We had 4 months to have the material ready
• Our budget was minimal and needed to include scripting, film production and post-production
• We had no staff
• The contents had to be accessible by mobile as the majority of the students had no computers

Frugal Approach

• Temporary staff acquired via oDesk
• Workflow management conducted using free software (Trello) based on the Kanban method
• An onboarding process was established
• To manage quality control on the scripting (context, writing quality, meaning, etc.) we built a system that the writers deployed a peer review similar to paired programming in software development
• Each task was represented as a card on the Kanban board. Once a task has been performed and reviewed, the card was moved to the next phase
• Because we had no budget for development, we built multiple boards and managed some of the coordination between the team member boards and the main board (depicted above). Due to security reasons, the team members only saw the tasks relating to him/her
• A ‘follow the sun’ approach was created between the project managers (1 in Lima and 1 in Vienna)

Frugal Outcomes

• Project delivered on time and in scope
• We had team members representing 10 countries on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America)
• The course was attended by 12,000 students when it was run.

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